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Transit and Vehicle Flooring

Car Dealer and Showroom Floor

We have a quite a few options for car dealers depending on their use. For showroom areas we can provide a highly polished decorative floor in unlimited colors. If polish results are not bright and reflective enough we can provide you a custom cementitious overlay or epoxy / polyurea solution.

For detailing areas and work bays we have additional options for enhancing light with a low maintenance system.

Bus Stations

Polished concrete has become one of the most popular flooring solutions. Glossy appearance with exposed aggregate are frequently compared to much more expensive flooring systems like terrazzo or marble. The Husqvarna HiPERFLOOR densifying system increases the strength of the surface allowing for minimal long term care. If the floor loses it’s shine, a simple re polish will restore the floor like new. Over the long term a polished surface is one of the most practical.

Truck Facilities

Polished concrete is an ideal solution for trucking facilities due to the superior strength over coating alternatives. One of the biggest issues affecting truck and large vehicle facilities is the potential damage caused by tires.

An impregnating sealer can be applied providing additional protection for the surface. Using the appropriate cleaning tire marks can easily be removed. Since there are no coatings, there is no risk of delamination or failure at high traffic entrance points into a facility.

Boat and Marine Facility Floors

Like with truck facilities boating showrooms are large with heavy bay doors. When a boat is brought inside it is either by trailer or forklift. Manuvering with abrupt, back and forth turns can have a severe impact on the transport tires. This can cause rubber to fray. A polished concrete surface has low abrasion, prolonging the life of tires, minimizing unsightly black marks. The bright reflection of a polished surface will enhance the curb appeal of your high ticket items.

Airport Hangar Floors

The process of polishing concrete is ideal for airport hangar floors. Large, wide open spaces with few corners minimize the complexity of a project making them very cost effective. Hangars typically have large, open bay doors exposed to the elements. There is no risk of yellowing like with coatings and there is no risk of delamination. Even when a polished floor gets wet the coefficient of friction can meet or exceed OSHA recommended guidelines.

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